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Little Malvern Toll House

This Toll House was built in 1822 at Little Malvern, Worcestershire, on the Upton-on-Severn Turnpike. Turnpike roads were so called because at the Turnpike, or Toll, Houses the road was blocked by a barrier on which pike-heads were mounted to prevent horses jumping the barrier. Only when the toll was paid did the tollhouse keeper remove the barrier. The original building was dismantled some years ago and is now at the Avoncroft Museum of Buildings. There is a Living Room with range and staircase to the upper floor; rear storeroom with bread oven, brick floor and side entrance; main bedroom and smaller rear bedroom. The Village Stores is based on our design "Sunnyside Cottage", but in mirror-image and with a shopfront replacing the lattice porch. The windows are also of a different design. The shop area occupies the right-hand side of the ground floor, with a door into the lean-to, which would be used as a general cold store area. To the left of the ground floor is a kitchen/parlour and there is a central staircase and two bedrooms on the upper floor.

A Shaker-style house based on examples to be found in Kentucky. Shaker settlements also exist in several areas of New England, notably at Hancock, MA and Mount Lebanon, MA. The Shakers were a religious sect, originally from Lancashire, England and founded by a dissident Quaker, Mother Ann Lee. The Shakers believed in a simple and devout lifestyle. Their furniture and much of their style of decoration is currently enjoying a revival of interest. The building is a 3-storey design, with 2 large rooms on each of the two lower floors, with wide hallway and landing, and a full-length attic. A shingled store and dwelling from the small settlement of Sherbrooke in Nova Scotia, the original being a Drugstore (pharmacy). The settlement has been largely rebuilt as it was in 1875 and is now a living museum of Nova Scotian life. Shop area with bay window, rear 'parlour' or kitchen, stairs to the upper floor and two bedrooms on the upper floor.