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Ready-built models feature individually-planked floors, stained and polished and all interior woodwork is stained and waxed. Interiors are painted and lighting can be fitted to customers' requirements during building. Exteriors are fully painted, finished and weathered as appropriate and are complete down to rainwater gutters and drainpipes.We can also supply our 'standard' designs as Plans and Fittings Kits. The plans are fully detailed and consist of 3 or 4 large sheets of computer-printed plans and a set of detailed instructions. All parts are drawn full-size or dimensioned so that they can be transferred directly onto wood for cutting out. Fittings Kits of specially moulded parts for items such as window frames, roof tiling, brickwork etc are also available for completing the various designs. Please note that we do not supply kits for the main component parts of the houses - these parts you cut out yourself from MDF/plywood and basswood/jelutong using the full-size drawings. For items such as skirting, architraves etc, we recommend those made by Borcraft Miniatures (see the Links page for details).The designs are not particularly difficult to build, but as they are accurate scale models they do require rather more care than would a 'plywood box' type of dollshouse. We would recommend them as a second project, or suitable for someone who already has some modelling and/or woodworking skills.

Fittings Kit contains: Moulded roof slates, brickwork for interior and exterior, chimney pots, 11 window frames and 1 Office window frame, plus glazing, rainwater pipes and gutters etc. Please note that Fittings Kits do not contain material for the main structure of the building; the Plans show all parts full-size or dimensioned for you to cut out from MDF/plywood and bass/jelutong for interior woodwork. Architraves, doors, skirting etc utilise commercially available items (we recommend those made by Borcraft Miniatures - see Links page). Another pair of most unusual projects; the post World War 2 Prefabs. These were prefabricated homes built in tens of thousands in the UK to replace bomb-damaged homes. Although designed for a life of 10 years, many still exist and are regarded with great affection by their owners. Two versions are available, the "Arcon" with corrugated cladding as preserved at Avoncroft Museum of Buildings, and the plain-finished version as restored at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford. An example of the model Arcon Prefab is part of "The Helen Zetter Collection" (Maple Street, Royston, Hertfordshire, England).