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We still have a very small stock of 1/12 scale AGAs; please contact us by e-mail to find out if we can still supply. It is possible that the masters for these kits will be acquired by another trader; should this be the case, we will advise of the situation on this page. Meanwhile, we would like to thank all our past customers for their interest and support over the years we have been trading. Although we no longer undertake commissions for dollshouses, the following examples of work we have produced may be of interest or inspiration. Illustrated below are just some of the designs we have produced in the past. For more details on any design, simply click on the small picture.

We can also make almost any design to special commission - even a replica of your own home. Commissions can be finished either in the form of a dollshouse or as an architectural display model. We could recreate your own dream in miniature...

The standard designs are fully-finished and painted, and are also available as plans for you to build yourself. He has been building scale models for over thirty-five years, and in addition to architectural miniatures has a particular interest in the 'Golden Age' of aviation between the two World Wars. As well as building individually-designed dollshouses room scenes, we offer a range of ready-built houses As well as building individually-designed dollshouses, we offer a range of ready-built houses. Most of these designs are also available as sets of plans and Fittings Kits for those who prefer to build their own model. The plans are computer-drawn plans for accuracy and many of the more difficult components such as window frames, tiling and brickwork are supplied in the Fittings Kits, making it easier to produce a really convincing replica. Houses are complete down to rainwater pipes and gutters. Among the museums in which Jeremy's work is exhibited are "The Helen Zetter Collection" (Maple Street, Royston, Hertfordshire, England) and David Kilpatrick's "World in Miniature" (currently closed but hopefully relocating and re-opening).

In addition to individual commissions, we also offer a range of true-to-scale 1/12 scale dollshouses which are based closely on full-size buildings. These are all supplied ready-built and painted. Click on the thumbnail pictures below (or the links to the left) for more information about each design. Included in the range is the Tavistock Chemist's Shop a 3-storey shop building which is modelled on a chemist's business in Tavistock, Devon. There is also a Victorian Toll House - unusually with two storeys - which has been preserved in the Avoncroft Museum of Buildings near Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. As with many of our buildings, the original was carefully measured and photographed so as to ensure that the model captured the atmosphere of the original. For something unusual, look at the atmospheric Victorian Factory or perhaps the Prefabs (post World War 2 emergency housing). Our cottage-style buildings include Sunnyside Cottage (a Warwickshire Victorian Cottage) and the Village Stores, based on Sunnyside Cottage but with a shopfront. North American architecture is represented by the magnificent fully-clapboarded Shaker-style House and by the little Sherbrooke Drugstore from Nova Scotia.

Interview with David Azzato about running real estate ads portal

Once you talk to David Azzato you get that feeling that everything is possible if you try. His and his team's energy is contagious and once we started the interview we did not wanted to stop talking to him. We are sure you will get the same feeling while reading this.

"Is it easy Mr. Azzato to keep up in the todays real estate business?" - "Yes, it is. But my team and I try our best, and the people we work with know to appreciate our work."

"How did you start with this real estate ads portal? What gave you the idea?" - "Once I worked on a project involving app programming. I had to test them and they featured real estate ads. They seemed really not interesting, boring and very similar. I saw a huge opportunity to do something different, new and creative there, and there it was. Most of my team's and my ideas come unexpected like this one."

"Is it easy to pick the right people to work for you?" - "I don't consider them as employees, but more as coleagues. We work together, not one for another. But to answer your question: no it is not easy. First the new one must fit into the team, because our quality relies on how good we can work together, and how much we understand each other. Then he or she has to finish a couple of tasks so we can see if they know what they are doing and see how good they are at it. We give them always creative tasks."

"Do you have a team for every each of your businesses, or is the same crew?" - "There are a few people involved in everything I do, but mostly my coworkers are involved in two to three projects at the same time. Like the graphic design engineers, they currently work on the real estate ads portal and on our chess portal. And we have another team of two graphic design engineers working on some other stuff."

"What kind of strategies do you use to attract attention to the real estate you are advertising?" - "It is more of a process. First one from our team or a group of people from our team visits the building, house, flat or working space in order to see what the space looks like. Then we create a strategy and take photos. We have two graphic-design experts that create the ads in form of e-brochures, how we call them. We also do our best to come up with the most creative and unique ideas for each one of the ads."

"Are there any ads you and your team have done that you find especially interesting or creative?" - "We work har on every one of our ads. It doesn't matter if it's a villa or an apartmant, we will do our best. But there was one I find different from others. The owner wanted to sell a house and he was sure it was haunted and wanted to use that fact as a merit."

"That is quite interesting. Was it easy to sell that house?" - "No, actually it was sold really fast." David Azzato replied. After that it was lunch time, and as everyone else, I also took a bite or two. "It is hard to get good food here." I said. "Well we make it. Junk and fast food is killing our society, everyone knows it, yet everyone keeps eating it. We don't. It must not be organic, but at least prepared on a healthy way." And it seemed healthy and tasted delicious. I do not doubt now where they take their creative energy. After about half an hour we got back to Mr. Azzato's office to talk more about his achievements and plans for the future.

Big stuff is coming soon

"Do you have a hard time to fit your private life into all of this?" - "No, because I do not try. I always have enough time for everything. You should first care about both, your family first and your job and then you will find a way to keep up with everything. At least I did so, and it works."

"Has your wife ever been a part of your projects?" - "She has actually once. We had to do an advert for a house that belonged to a famous person, I cannot tell you whom, but she was famous. And I told that my wife, and she wanted to see the house. We came here together to shoot some photos, and she had really good ideas. Too bad we don't have her as a part of our team."

"Is anything new regardless your real estate ads portal coming soon, maybe some changes? We have heard something big is coming." - "Yes it is. Well, somehow the informations always find a way to leak, don't they? We are making some big changes and new stuff will be seen also. But we never speak details before the stuff comes out, so that is all I am going to say right now", he smiled. "We are happy to hear that, but were the changes necessary?" - "No, we are doing it because we want the changes, not because we need them. Our current solutions and concept is great and works perfectly, but we had some ideas that might be more interesting and give us more space for creativity. Once we finish something, we do not stop thinking about it. Because we might come up with something more interesting or maybe better. Sometimes it never happens, but sometimes after a few months or even few years someone has an idea to change something and we do it."

"It is really good to hear that someone cares more about quality than money. For our last question we want to know do you get tired with the time and are you happy doing your job?" - "I do not get tired, we put so much fun into what we are doing that we never get tired or bored. I am really happy to work with such an incredible team."